I married a farm girl from DeKalb, Illinois. The farmland that I had was leased for crops, but that was soon to change.

My neighbor, another friend, my wife and I decided to go to the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado. While I had some other business to do, the rest of the group went to the Angus heifer sale. My friends joked that my wife should surprise me with the purchase of some Angus cattle. My wife, Emelia asked me if that would be all right. I jokingly answered, "Honey, you have the checkbook". That evening we were the proud owners of our first two registered Angus heifers. We met Bill Rishel while at the National Western and our first bull was the son of his famous B/R 036. That is how it all started in 1999.

Sadly, my wife Emelia died in 2014, but we are carrying on her passion for breeding the best of animals.